Bailti: your trusted partner for finding reliable tenants

Are you a lessor and want to find the ideal candidates easily and quickly? Then Bailti is the ideal partner for you. You will thus be able to find suitable solutions, while saving time thanks to the automation of your actions. Here are some points that are advantages that you can obtain by opting for the services of this site:

Manage your applications instantly

  • By choosing this site, you will be able to automate your application management.
  • You will be able to manage profiles instantly.
  • This is an effective way to optimize the ranking of rental candidates in order to find the best candidates.

Chat with your candidates

  • Thanks to the service offered, you can chat live with candidates.
  • You will be able to learn more about them, on their motivations and habits.
  • Discuss house rules directly and answer questions relating to housing.
  • You can answer individual questions or group conversations.

Match roommates who are interested

  • It is often said that unity is strength, you will have the possibility of group together the roommates who are interested.
  • One of the advantages is that you will be able to see if there are any Facebook friends in common with the candidate. This feature will allow you to group together roommates who have affinities so that the roommate goes as smoothly as possible.

Rent to people validated by a trusted network

  • You will have the option to require candidate members to apply for your rental accommodation if they have certain documents.
  • This is an advantage since these people will be validated by a trusted network on their motivations and habits.
  • Your rental agreement will be dated giving – giving since you and the candidate will have everything to gain. He will find accommodation adapted to his research and in the sector that suits him. As for you, you will find the ideal tenant(s) who will respect the agreement and take care of the premises."

Offer tours in just a few clicks

  • As everything is automated, in just a few clicks, you can offer visits to candidates whose profiles have marked you.
  • Actions are quick, simple and automatic. You won't need to go anywhere or call them. If this is not the era of the computer revolution!

Make your rental as secure as possible thanks to the features

  • Bailti offers you a multitude of practical features which allow you to secure your rental as well as possible
  • The privacy policy of the site is such that you will have nothing to fear regarding the morality of the candidates.
  • Candidate selection criteria are strict and Bailti only accepts serious and trustworthy candidates.